MicroLaser Facial

What is MicroLaser Facial?

MicroLaser Facial is MBLA’s Signature Treatment for treating unwanted pigmentation while addressing anti-aging issues. Dr. Small combined state-of-the-art 1064nm laser protocols with prescription-grade esthetician treatments to effectively stimulate collagen remodeling at the cellular level while addressing a multitude of concerns for your skin texture and tone.

MicroLaser Facial gives you real results whether your concern is Melasma, overactive sebaceous glands, large pores, rough texture or simply to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay or to maintain a clear and smooth complexion. This treatment is highly individualized based on your skin needs. A complimentary consultation with Dr. Small can be arranged to formulate your specific treatment plan.


What is MicroLaser Facial?
MicroLaser Facial is our Signature Treatment for reducing the signs of facial aging. Dr. Small combines state-of-the-art 1064nm Q-switched laser protocols, which penetrate deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, and specialized medical skin care treatments, which work at the epidermis level. This treatment combination works synergistically to give you clear and smooth skin. This highly individualized treatment is based on your own specific skin care needs.

How many treatments will I need?
The results from MicroLaser Facial are cumulative and we typically recommend a series of six treatments at monthly intervals to maximize benefits.

How long do treatments take and does it hurt?
This treatment combination takes about 1 hour with minimal to no discomfort.

Does the 1064nm Q-switched laser also remove hair?
As an added bonus, 1064nm Q-switched laser treatments can also permanently reduce those difficult to remove fine dark hair on the face or other areas.

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